If Yankees make miracle run to playoffs, could Jasson Dominguez make playoff roster?

It's not impossible...if YOU believe it.
New York Yankees v Houston Astros
New York Yankees v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

With a robust 1.0% chance to make the playoffs, per FanGraphs, it's still highly unlikely the Yankees make the postseason, even after infusing their roster with a fleet of talented kids.

But that's up from 0.1% a few weeks ago, when FanGraphs gave the Yankees the statistical lowest probability possible without being able to mentally send them down to zero. That's something. That's progress. That's why you don't move the sliders all the way down to the nub.

There isn't much time left. New York would have to win an outlandish percentage of their final month's worth of games (90%?). They would need a very specific combination of wins and losses from all the teams ahead of them in the standings, who all happen to play each other (Red Sox and Rangers, Rangers and Blue Jays, Rangers and Blue Jays). It's unlikely at best ... but in the Jasson Dominguez/Austin Wells Era, when hope springs eternal, why not ask questions? Why not let yourself have a fun September ride? The pressure's not on the Yankees. That's great. But nothing's impossible. That's wonderful.

Let's say the outrageous happens, the Yankees' winning streak continues, DJ LeMahieu keeps his OPS near .900, the bullpen holds leads rather than demolishes them at crucial junctures, and New York's braintrust actually has to get together and contemplate what a playoff roster might look like.

Considering Dominguez and Wells weren't even on the Yankees' roster by Aug. 31, the date Harrison Bader and Josh Donaldson linked up with new teams to chase playoff opportunities, could they participate? Survey says ... absolutely. The Yankees would just have to do some more maneuvering.

Is Jasson Dominguez eligible for Yankees Playoff Roster?

Injury replacements? You don't say. If the Yankees are looking for some 40-man guys who could be moved to the 60-Day IL to facilitate a path for Dominguez, they won't have to search very long.

Anthony Rizzo, who's been out since early August and will miss the rest of the season after suffering a gnarly (undiagnosed) concussion, is still on the 10-Day IL. There's one, sadly. Billy McKinney can easily be moved, too. That's two.

Dominguez wouldn't be allowed to play without a bit of roster chicanery, but the Yankees could certainly make it work and wouldn't even have to fake injuries like the Red Sox did to keep Corey Kluber off their active roster once he started sucking (What? Who said that? Who typed that?).

Cross that bridge when you get there, though. Just keep winning. Every day. While watching the Texas Rangers lose. And Blue Jays. And Red Sox. Baby Bomber Baby Steps.