Harrison Bader staring down Jake Bauers sums up Yankees incompetence

The Yankees picked up right where they left off before the Royals series against the Mets.
Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees
Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The New York Yankees renewed fans' hope (well, maybe the optimistic ones) after a weekend sweep of the Kansas City Royals. But since when does a team's first three-game winning streak in two months against one of the worst teams in baseball change the narrative?

With the trade deadline approaching, the Yankees are six games over .500 -- good enough for nine back of the AL East lead and 2.5 back of the final Wild Card spot. But even if this team were to sneak into the postseason, will it be worth it for anything other than some postseason revenue in Hal Steinbrenner's pocket?

For anybody thinking positively after the three-game disposing of the league's second-worst offense, we have bad news for you. The Subway Series is already off to a terrible start.

After a couple of defensive miscues from Billy McKinney and poorly located pitches from Domingo Germán, the Yankees trail the Mets 4-0 through four innings. And that should be enough, because this team never hits Justin Verlander.

Toss in another misplay by non-outfielder Jake Bauers as he and Harrison Bader were tracking down a deep fly ball (which was very clearly the center fielder's), and we've perhaps now upended whatever little team chemistry remained on this largely lifeless squad.

Harrison Bader stares down Jake Bauers after outfield miscue during Yankees-Mets

Bader stared down Bauers in what was very obviously the center fielder trying to send a message. He's been surrounded by incompetent corner outfielders all year, so the frustration is valid, but it's best not expressed on live television for everybody to see.

That's the point this team has reached, though. The Mets have legitimately gotten all of their runs because McKinney, who's on the other side of Bader in left field, couldn't catch pop-ups.

This team is bad. Aaron Judge still has no timetable to return. Brian Cashman can't be trusted to make the right deals before Aug. 1. Bader, one of the team's most energetic players, seems fed up, which undoubtedly sends a signal that even the most jovial and positive players have had enough of the incompetence up and down this roster.

Still want this team to buy? Be careful what you wish for because the first shred of momentum this team has had in nearly two months was squashed before the first inning even ended on Tuesday night, and it's only gotten worse as the game's progressed.