Grading the Yankees' last 6 first round draft picks

The MLB Draft is coming up fast. Hopefully it goes better than some of the Yankees' recent drafts have gone.

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Yankees 2019 First Round Draft Pick: TJ Sikkema

Pick: 38th overall
School: University of Missouri
Position: LHP

The Yankees' managed to acquire another first round pick in the 2019 draft in a trade with the Reds that sent Sonny Gray to Cincinnati. With their newly acquired 38th overall pick, the Yankees selected LHP TJ Sikkema from the University of Missouri. Sikkema wasn't ever a flamethrower on the mound, but he had three pitches that scouts considered plus offerings, given his ability to command them and the deception in his delivery.

Sadly, the good news for the Yankees and Sikkema ended there. A shoulder injury cost Sikkema the entire 2021 season, and he struggled in 2022 with a 4.83 ERA before he was traded in the deal that brought Andrew Benintendi to the Bronx. He has since been moved to the bullpen and is currently at Double-A in the Royals' organization.

We aren't going to judge this trade too harshly, as injuries just happen sometimes and Sikkema was a good value in the first comp round. However, Sikkema's crossfire delivery should have been more a red flag when it comes to predicting a future move to the bullpen/injury than it was. At the end of the day, he only amounted to being an unremarkable trade piece. At least the Yankees were able to get something out of him.

Grade: C+