Former Yankee Aaron Hicks lands with absolutely perfect team out of nowhere

Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox v Baltimore Orioles / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

Just when we thought it was dead silent on the Aaron Hicks front, the switch-hitting slugger fools New York Yankees fans again! After a weekend in which headlines focused on the Yankees allegedly banning him from golfing during his time in New York, Hicks found a new home.

No, he's not returning to the Baltimore Orioles, even though that felt like it was the most likely outcome. The O's figured out how to utilize the man after almost three years of abject failures, and then let him drift away.

Hicks signed on with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -- baseball's wealthiest wasteland. The Halos have not made the playoffs since 2014, which was their only appearance since 2009.

They were home to the two best players in baseball for six seasons and couldn't even put together a winning record. They've spent money in all the wrong places and have made countless ill-advised transactions. We will also say ... they've had horrible luck.

But Hicks landing there is perfect. No expectations. No spotlight. No criticism. Just "the other" LA team floating along and playing third or fourth fiddle in the AL West.

Former Yankees OF Aaron Hicks lands with absolutely perfect team out of nowhere

They roster the highest-paid baseball player who hates baseball! This couldn't be a better destination for Hicks, who was endlessly criticized during his final years in New York because of poor play that devolved into poor body language.

Hicks went through the ringer with injuries, but his play also cratered to an all-time worst for him. This was also mostly the Yankees' fault, too! They signed an oft-injured and largely unproved player to a seven-year contract, then were forced to watch 190 games of the worst baseball anybody has ever seen.

Then, just as he was starting to rediscover his stroke, the Yankees designated him for assignment, ending the relationship in the most fitting way possible.

Hicks questioned his role on the team after the third game of the 2023 season, which was among the many occurrences that took the Yankees off course last year. The pairing wasn't working out. A move had to be made.

The Yankees have gotten rid of many other players this offseason that will hopefully start a new era of baseball in the Bronx and set a more aggressive tone after the team went down silently the last four years. Hicks was the start of that months ago. Let this be the end of it, please.