Former 2004 Red Sox, ex-Yankees first baseman eviscerates Alex Rodriguez

World Series: Red Sox v Cardinals Game 4
World Series: Red Sox v Cardinals Game 4 / Al Bello/GettyImages

Going out on a limb here: The likelihood of former Yankees and Red Sox first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz ever joining the KayRod Cast ... next to nil!

Courtesy of a recent podcast appearance with AJ Pierzynski on "Foul Territory," Mientkiewicz has held onto hard feelings even longer than he held onto the ball from the final out of the 2004 World Series.

Somewhere, buried in all those consonants, Pierzynski and Mientkiewicz delivered an all-time clip bashing Alex Rodriguez, the ex-Sox champion's high school teammate from Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Florida.

Rodriguez and Mientkiewicz went way back. They were QB and TE on the football field. They were drafted in back-to-back years (Mientkiewicz didn't sign and went to FSU, Rodriguez went first overall in '93). And yet ... that's clearly dissolved over the years, as Rodriguez's fame spire ascended.

Mientkiewicz used his time on the podcast to ether his former teammate, claiming he fell asleep (with his Timberwolves gear on) at an event meant to honor their old high school coach. He also revealed that Rodriguez is non-participatory in text threads between teammates reminiscing, leading the first baseman to state A-Rod "will die a lonely man" despite his recent pivot to "Father of the Year."

Former Yankees, Red Sox first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz pummeled Alex Rodriguez with a metaphorical shovel

"You're just trying to get into Heaven now," is one of the most withering insults I've ... ever heard? That feigned "Go Wolves!" at the end of the clip was also subtly blistering.

There's no indication Mientkiewicz and Rodriguez really were "former friends" who had a falling out. It just ... kind of sounds like whatever surface-level relationship they had evaporated when Rodriguez's fame increased.

Not too long ago, Mientkiewicz was a contributing member of the 2007 Yankees, hitting .277 with a 106 OPS+ in 72 games during Rodriguez's MVP season. Kudos to him for being able to compete while sharing a dugout with someone he clearly had bubbling hatred for.

Not for nothing, but Mientkiewicz was clearly meant to historically be cemented as a Sox instead.