Famed MLB writer Bill James destroyed for ridiculously offensive Thurman Munson take

New York Yankees
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Consider this a public service. We're putting innovative baseball writer Bill James' horrific (and biased) take in front of you, Yankees fans, so that you can A) realize how warped his brain has become since joining Twitter and B) bully him.

James, one of the leading proponents of advanced stats and correcting the wrongs of the Baseball Hall of Fame's Veterans Committee back in the 1970s and 1980s was, at one point, an outright genius. Without him, the picture of baseball's history might've remained improperly told, and the tale of the modern game might never have been colored in so clearly.

That said ... he was a Red Sox fan back then. He's a Red Sox fan now. The only thing that's changed? He's spent time online, and he's decided he would prefer to go on a Ricky Gervais-style, "You can't SAY THAT anymore!!" comedy tour these days rather than continue to be a rational, fair and balanced advocate for the great game.

So ... just dropping this off so you can torch it. James, angered by a groundswell of Hall of Fame support for Yankees captain Thurman Munson (is that even happening, or is he arguing with a wall?), decided to set the record straight with a remarkably offensive joke this week.

He doesn't believe Munson is a Hall of Famer. OK. Cool. There was no excuse for this.

Yankees Captain Thurman Munson deserves Hall of Fame consideration. Bill James deserves nothing.

A fart joke?! Appropriate, considering everything you say sounds like a cascading fart noise.

Stay tuned for James bemoaning cancel culture for going too far. Now you're not even allowed to besmirch and dishonor the tragically dead?! What happened to this country???

James was dunked on and dominated by a remarkable ratio (as expected), and promised to block more naysayers on Wednesday. Never thought I'd want to be blocked by someone I considered an inspiration growing up, but ... hey, Bill, come and get me! Clearly, your long-held opinions have spoiled and turned needlessly vitriolic over the years.

James -- remember, he's a Red Sox fan, that tells you everything -- decided to advocate for Jason Varitek's Hall case before he signed off. Seriously.

Munson was better than Varitek, but you knew that already. Munson, in just 10 full seasons, put up 46.1 bWAR and AL MVP/Rookie of the Year wins. Varitek, in 15 seasons, was only good for 24.2 bWAR. Varitek is Jay Jaffe's 64th-ranked catcher via his JAWS Hall of Fame rating system. Munson? 12th.

Via the Gray Ink Test (Average Hall of Famer = 144) and Hall of Fame Monitor (Likely Hall of Famer = 100), Munson ranks below both standards, unfortunately, clocking in at 46 and 90. Varitek? 2 and 54. 2!

Oh, and the kicker? Both the Gray Ink Test and Hall of Fame Monitor were pioneered by ... James himself. Yup. Even his objective truth believes Munson to be worthier than Varitek. We told you. Warped brain.

Don't ever log on again, Bill. You're sullying your own memory.