Did Blake Snell get fooled by Yankees Instagram troll?

Keep scrolling, Blake. This makes me sad.

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If Blake Snell's falling for historically fake leaks from an imagined version of the Yankees front office, then ... man, these two sides must really not be talking.

If Snell, Boras and the Yankees had experienced any form of substantial contact over the past two months, then surely he would've picked up on the fact that New York's preference for pitchers who aren't "effeminate video gamers" was fake news of the goofiest order.

Unfortunately, Snell -- still languishing in free agency -- came across this ludicrous news clipping while scrolling the 'gram, and had to pop into the comment section to advocate for his own Cy Young resumé, noting that he's got two of 'em.

If he didn't know this absurd anonymous quote straight out of Andrew Dice Clay's 1991 standup special was falsified, he should've been clued in by the next sentence, which claimed the Yankees "don't believe nerds can get big outs in big games." Their belief in the power of nerds is, in fact, their guiding ethos.

Yankees free agent target Blake Snell fooled by fake front office leak

Unlike the Porch, the New York Daily News would really like Snell and the Yankees to reconcile, and with every Carlos Rodón outing, the union becomes all the more desirable.

Add in Juan Soto's support (for his agent's currently unsigned client), and you've got yourself a match made in Fortnite, as long as the lefty can prove to Randy Levine that he knows how to take command of a grill.

While there's technically still time for the Yankees and Snell to come together at the bargaining table, Rodón's continued scuffles make another ~$170 million commitment to a boom-or-bust left-hander with durability risks even less likely. Fake front office quotes are far from necessary here for this relationship to dissolve. It's likely been months -- pre-Stroman -- since the two sides came together in earnest, and the moment Snell's camp didn't counter the Yankees' rumored offer, that tied a bow on the conversation.