Could Yankees make revenge signing after possible Red Sox DFA?

So it's a defensive outfielder with pop you're looking for, huh?
Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
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As the old saying goes, "Do unto the Red Sox as Aaron Hicks has done unto you."

Even before Trevor Story returns to Boston, the Sox are going to have some shaking up to do in their middle infield picture. We forgive you if you don't remember the ins and outs of the Red Sox roster, but Yu Chang returns from a rehab assignment in the days to come, as does Pablo Reyes, who famously was deemed "not a starter" before he dominated the Yankees at Fenway a few weeks back. Ahh ... memories.

So, who's it gonna be? Minor-leaguer David Hamilton will get demoted first. After that, though, it appears the bell is going to have to toll for a veteran big-leaguer and longer-term Bostonian.

Will Christian Arroyo get the axe? What about Kiké Hernández? And, if the expected move comes down the pike, should the Yankees have interest in either player?

Though Hernández is a right-hander, adding a true outfielder (with pop and AL East/playoff experience) to play left field is tempting, even amidst a down year.

Could Yankees snag Kiké Hernández, Christian Arroyo after Red Sox DFA?

Given how much hand-holding Harrison Bader has needed in his return, too, it might not be the worst idea to snag a Yankee Killer who slammed five home runs across two series and briefly became the best player on earth during the 2021 playoffs.

If he even hits the market, that is.

If Hernández remains an expensive Red Sox, Arroyo will likely be the one to go, pending a phantom IL stint for someone else. He should be less enticing. As annoying as the Yankees' current infield logjam is, and as bothersome as watching Josh Donaldson/DJ LeMahieu daily has become, a right-handed bat with a 74 OPS+ probably isn't the solution. The Yankees are an Oswald Peraza promotion/Donaldson DFA away from sorting that whole thing out. Adding Arroyo, another versatile boom-or-bust bat, likely won't fix things. Let the Dodgers work out a trade for the 28-year-old infielder, in that case.

While it always sounds nice, in theory, to poach a Red Sox, neither of these potential DFAs would be obvious wins for the Yanks. Hernández, though, certainly gets to the ball Jake Bauers sprawled out for on Wednesday night. In an outfield full of infielders and DHs, it's hard to argue adding Hernández wouldn't be a smart move.