Complete list of every Yankees captain before Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge Press Conference
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The 1980s Captains: Graig Nettles (1982-1983), Willie Randolph (1986-1988), Ron Guidry (1986-1988)

Clearly, George Steinbrenner didn't believe in a long-term vacancy at the helm of his franchise, naming Graig Nettles captain three years after Munson's passing.

Nettles -- who deserves more Hall of Fame consideration -- posted a regressive season and a bounce back year as Captain in his age-37 and 38 seasons (98 and 119 OPS+ marks). He abdicated his throne when he went to San Diego prior to the 1984 season, pairing with Goose Gossage and leading the Padres to a World Series berth.

Randolph and Guidry were named co-captains to start the 1986 season, as the Yankees' title runs in the '70s moved further into the rear view mirror. The Mets were beginning to wrest control of the City of New York away from the Bombers, so Steinbrenner turned to two of his longest-tenured stars to lead the way; the Yankees won 90, 89 and 85 games in those three seasons (two with Lou Piniella, one with Billy Martin) but never made the postseason.