Carlos Rodón seemingly rebels against Yankees jersey sponsor yet again

The man hates insurance!
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

Timing hasn't been the New York Yankees' friend whatsoever in 2023 ... but Carlos Rodón couldn't have shifted the conversation surrounding his disappointing season in a more convincing manner on Tuesday night.

The left-hander buzzsawed the Boston Red Sox in what was an eventual 4-1 win for the Yankees (and a sweep of the doubleheader). Rodón's stuff looked crisp and lively, and we'd be having a much different tenor right now if he hadn't gotten rocked by the Detroit Tigers last week.

Rodón held the Red Sox to one run on four hits and four walks while striking out nine. He still has to limit the free passes, but the focus is now on 2024. If he can finish the year strong and put that Tigers outing in the rearview quickly, everyone will be better off.

That wasn't the only statement Rodón made on Tuesday night, though. In what was seemingly his second effort to undermine the Yankees' new jersey sponsor, Rodón donned a uniform without a Starr Insurance patch.

Back in late July in a start against the Mets, Rodón kept pulling up his sleeve, which covered up the patch. After the veteran caught wind if what everyone thought he was doing, he claimed he had no idea he was covering the patch.

Carlos Rodón seemingly rebels against Yankees jersey sponsor yet again

Hey, whatever you gotta say to not get fined, we're all for it, Carlos! No word yet on his reasoning for donning a jersey without the patch, though, so we'll update you in a momth when he catches wind of the controversy.

If he can become a productive Yankee, he'll undoubtedly be a fan favorite. For as much as people didn't like him blowing a kiss to some unruly folks in Anaheim, you have to admit it was kind of cool. He's also accepted being booed when his performance warrants such a response.

In his own way, he's an animated guy, which he proved again on Tuesday when he was shushing somebody (seriously, who was it?) after recording a strikeout in the first inning. After that dicey frame, he turned it up and was lights out.

Similarly, Rodón's wife, Ashley, is just as outspoken and fearless. In this case, it's with her impatience with umpires who for some reason won't call a consistent game for her husband. Come on, blue! The Rodóns are very much trying hard to make a positive impression in New York!

See? This is fun. The Rodóns are cool, which makes it even more upsetting Year 1 of his massive six-year contract has been disheartening between the injuries and the inconsistent play.

Give it time, though, and if Rodón is pitching like he did in 2021 and 2022 by next season, fans will be gleefully prepping for every fifth day he's on the mound. And if he keeps shunning the insurnace company, maybe Hal Steinbrenner will opt to use that money wisely in the offseason.