Bryan Reynolds' message after reporting to spring training should fuel Yankees' fire

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants
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"Trading for veterans and surrendering massive prospect packages? Does that ever work for the Yankees? No, no, it never does ... but it might work for the 2023 Yankees." - Tobias Fünke, kind of

On the heels of Aaron Boone's announcement that right-hander Frankie Montas will, in fact, need shoulder surgery that will likely knock him out for the season, all eyes turned to Pittsburgh Pirates camp, where the potential left field solution of the Yankees' dreams reported for duty.

Despite recent rumors that he'd rescinded his three-years-too-early trade request, All-Star OF Bryan Reynolds reiterated that he and the Pirates were still far apart in any extension talks. In fact, he noted Wednesday that neither side has budged.

Needless to say, the trade request still stands, and the Yankees are still invested.

Bryan Reynolds still requesting trade from Pirates, Yankees must act

Not such a crazy prediction after all, huh?

Reynolds did drop a few nuggets that should have Pirates fans optimistic on Wednesday, too, saying that his preference remains to sign an extension ... as long as it was a fair offer. The 28-year-old doesn't want to break the bank with a player-friendly mega-deal.

He also doesn't want to sign a team-friendly extension that could turn him into the face of a franchise that seemingly goes the extra mile not to spend on a winner. That has led to a significant gap between appraisals, which the Yankees should hope continues to remain unfilled through the summer.

Reynolds is unlikely to get traded before midseason, but the gauntlet was once again thrown down on Wednesday morning.

He's going to give the Pirates a chance to woo him, but if they refuse to move, he's not going to bend to their will, either.

The reality of this trade, which remains harsh for the Yankees, is that Pittsburgh would prefer high-level pitching, something the Yanks blew last summer in exchange for two surgical outpatients in Montas and Scott Effross. Ken Waldichuk and Hayden Wesneski could've gone a long way in these talks. Instead, Brian Cashman will have to hope the Blue Jays don't offer Ricky Tiedemann and the Dodgers stay silent on Bobby Miller.

That never works. But it could work for us...