Is Brian Cashman planning to ditch Hal Steinbrenner's end-of-season Yankees presser?

And when's the audit?
New York Yankees Introduce Aaron Boone As Manager
New York Yankees Introduce Aaron Boone As Manager / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

According to Yankees insider, Hal Steinbrenner's first reckoning of the offseason is finally coming. About a week after a segment from a conference leaked where Steinbrenner colored in the "check your egos at the door" meeting he'd just come from with team executives in Florida, Bob Klapisch has reported that the Yankees' head honcho is ready to address questions from the media soon.

Perhaps embattled GM Brian Cashman will follow suit soon, but he doesn't seem poised to walk in the door with Big Stein and take his medicine.

A "source familiar" with The New Boss reported that it's "unclear" whether Cashman will attend Steinbrenner's forthcoming session and that, even if he does, it's very unlikely that anything significant will be divulged. Nobody's head will roll out of the door when Steinbrenner opens it and enters the Zoom room.

Notably, though, Klapisch clarified that Steinbrenner's Q&A session won't include any significant developments because ... there will be some form of post-World Series audit after all.

"Regardless if the press conference is virtual or in-person at Yankee Stadium, it probably won’t be the housecleaning fans have been hoping for.

The external audit that Steinbrenner ordered won’t begin until after the World Series, according to the source, which means there’ll be no announcement of hirings or firings – if any are even planned."

Bob Klapisch

Where in the world is Yankees GM Brian Cashman?

Unless the answer is, "Refusing to leave Japan until he has a deal with Yoshinobu Yamamoto," we're not really interested in hearing it.

It's hilarious how close the bar is to the floor these days, but the possibility of firing announcements didn't even flick across the inside of my closed eyelids at any point this month. Not even in my dreams does Hal Steinbrenner take immediate decisive action.

Misinformation has run rampant regarding the audit, too, but it's refreshing to hear it mentioned with a timeline attached. Whether the process actually consists of an external team ravaging the Yankees' methods or just a silent recommendation is anyone's guess, but perhaps that might be a good thing to broach when Steinbrenner takes to the podium this week.

Hopefully, even if Cashman doesn't attend, Steinbrenner still has the GM's ego in his possession from when he checked it a few weeks back.