Blue Jays Twitter account is begging Yankees fans to lay the smackdown in 2024

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

For a team that has accomplished literally nothing since 1993 and has yet to even establish a semblance of an upper hand over the New York Yankees in 30 years, the Toronto Blue Jays sure have "some b-lls," as Tony Soprano would say.

From their incredibly loud-mouth (lood-mooth?) fans to their sour grapes broadcast crew, we're just wondering how anyone here thinks they have the right.

But we guess everybody does in 2024. The Blue Jays started the nonsense last week when Daniel Vogelbach decided to pimp a spring training home run off Gerrit Cole that was so exaggerated it had reporters asking Cole about it in the postgame. And, like any normal person would, Cole issued a "miss me with that" response because ... what else is there to say?

Of course, though, that makes Cole a crybaby loser, if you're a completely level-headed Blue Jays fan. And now we have the team's official Twitter account breaking out the stopwatch to time every one of Vogelbach's home run trots just to build an arbitrary case against Cole.

Just a little snarky tweet to get us all mad because, again, the home run trot wasn't what mattered. We can't ignore the fact VOGELBACH BAT-FLIPPED DURING A SPRING TRAINING GAME and Blue Jays fans thought that wouldn't warrant a single headline.

Blue Jays Twitter account is begging Yankees fans to lay the smackdown in 2024

Didn't see a bat flip there. Nor did he thank the almighty Lord and emphatically high-five his teammates after crossing home plate. Watch both videos, they're free on the internet!

Then came this past Friday when the Jays took down the Yankees in a meaningless spring game (don't worry, though, they lost the Vogelbach home run game but had nothing to say about it) and thought it'd be hilarious to post a video of Juan Soto whiffing on a 0-0 count after the score became final.

It might seem like the Jays and their fans get under the Yankees' skin, but that's only true for the war between the fanbases. The Yankees treat matchups with Toronto like a midsummer game against the Royals. They don't matter. And they don't matter because the Blue Jays mean nothing and are almost never a threat.

Sometimes we just wish they would understand that for once, and then maybe an organic rivalry can develop rather than a forced, contrived one.