Bader, Stanton trade rumors swirling after Yankees’ lineup omission

Neither are in the lineup on Tuesday night for a crucial game against the Rays. Hmmm.
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four
Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Four / Elsa/GettyImages

There are just under two hours until the horn sounds on the 2023 MLB Trade Deadline and the New York Yankees have yet to do anything. Crickets. But remember we were told the front office was essentially looking to replace half the starting lineup? Smart to put all that work for the last minute.

The Yankees have created some unnecessary buzz, however. They released their lineup for Tuesday night's game against the Tampa Bay Rays and omitted two key starters -- again, in a game that's probably a must-win if they plan to contend.

Harrison Bader, who's surfaced in trade rumors the last few days following a report from Joel Sherman of the New York Post, won't be starting, nor will Giancarlo Stanton, who is 3 for his last 23.

Bader is a very realistic trade candidate because he's set to be a free agent after 2023 and the Yankees, you'd have to think, have little desire to re-sign him after all that's transpired since April.

As for Stanton, it'd be great if Brian Cashman can unload a majority of his contract -- yes, the one he chose to inherit years ago when it was at the time the largest contract in North American sports history -- but it's hard to believe anybody is interested in doing that in the middle of a contending season.

Bader, Stanton trade rumors swirling after Yankees’ lineup omission

Bader's been connected to the Philadelphia Phillies, who just acquired starting pitcher Michael Lorenzen from the Detroit Tigers. Dave Dombrowski certainly still has room for a move for Bader, who probably won't cost much.

Generally, however, Bader should be drawing decent interest because of his athleticism and ability to hit for power. Teams in need of speed, defense and pop at the bottom of the order are likely inquiring with the Yankees.

Fans are at least a bit more calculated with their Stanton takes. This is probably a routine night off for the slugger, who is back under the Mendoza line and OPSing a weak .709. He killed the Yankees in Monday night's loss to Tampa.

There's still no telling what the Yankees are going to do, but if Cashman can pull anything off -- ranging from selling what little assets this team possesses or making a colossal blockbuster to change the team's fortunes in 2023 and beyond -- it'd be considered a win.

What he can't do is stand idly by while every other team moves forward with a plan of action. He'll have plenty of work to do in the offseason, too, so might as well get a head start on it now.