Astros coping with Jeff Bagwell comments amid horrific start is hilarious for Yankees

Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Seven / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

The Houston Astros may have dominated the MLB landscape since 2017, but all good things come to an end. It looks like the current version of the Astros is about to fly off the tracks and plummet off a cliff into a shallow puddle. New York Yankees fans are loving it, especially since they kicked all of this off by sweeping Houston in the season's first four-game set.

Will it last? We'll see. We'd hate to speak too soon, but the Astros' 7-16 start is only better than the White Sox, Rockies and Marlins. That's bleak. It seems like owner Jim Crane bit off more than he could chew.

After firing James Click, who seamlessly transitioned to GM for one year and helped orchestrate a World Series run, Crane wasted a ton of money on floundering assets Rafael Montero and Jose Abreu, while welcoming a crew of old school minds that may be hurting the future of the franchise.

Jeff Bagwell, Reggie Jackson and Craig Biggio represent that group, with the former two being outspoken in a smug manner. Of all people, don't they know how this works? The louder you are, the likelier it is you're going to crash.

The latest example of this came on Sunday Night Baseball about a week and a half ago, when Bagwell was on the broadcast and decided to call out the Yankees in an unprovoked manner as he was clearly reeling from the Astros' 5-11 start.

"I don't care what the Yankees just did to us. we've beaten the Yankees since 2015 in every postseason series. All of these other teams, we've beat. We're a dominant team," Bagwell gloated.

Astros coping with Jeff Bagwell comments amid horrific start is hilarious for Yankees

A wise man once said, you can't win your division in April, but you can lose it. Though the AL West is off to an overall lackluster start, the Astros still find themselves five games back of the 12-11 Rangers, who are arguably in a worse spot than they are with injuries and struggles out of the gate.

Bagwell seems misguided in his overall commentary. He's adovcated against analytics, which actually played an influential role in building the current Astros dynasty. He advocated for Brad Ausmus to get the GM job (and he's now the Yankees' bench coach). Then there's this nonsense on national TV.

As for Jackson, he's been hell-bent on being outspoken in a fairly controversial manner. He blasted the Yankees for not giving him enough input. He said the Astros "don't play that game" when it came to negotiations with Blake Snell. The man is definitely sharp, but some of what he says feels like it's for shock value, which never attracts the right kind of attention.

With all the evidence laid out in front of us, it seems the Astros are moving backwards as the rest of the league's contenders are plowing ahead. This could be a knee-jerk reaction, but, then again, dynastic franchises aren't this whiny when the going gets tough for a few weeks.