Aaron Judge's public endorsement of Aaron Boone doesn't hold much weight

What else is he supposed to say, guys?
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Whether Aaron Judge is the biggest Aaron Boone fan or the biggest Aaron Boone hater, it probably doesn't matter. The New York Yankees don't operate by viewing players' input as the most coveted thing before they're about to make a major decision.

Though there's a slight chance that tide begins to turn because of owner Hal Steinbrenner's reported frustration with everything that's transpired this year, it's still unlikely because that would be a major shift in philosophy.

On Thursday, some of Boone's most avid dissenters were up in arms when Judge "endorsed" him to return as manager in 2024 amid the countless questions about forthcoming changes. But in reality, Judge had no choice.

If he refuses to answer the question, that's being complicit with his dismissal. If he outwardly opposes him, that creates chaos for the final month of the season when the vibes have finally made a triumphant turnaround.

This isn't to say Judge doesn't have any influence -- he certainly does -- but the Yankees will be making whatever decision they feel is best for the team when the season ends. They let Joe Girardi go after he took the Yankees one game within a World Series appearance. That was this regime, and Steinbrenner backed the decision. Whatever happens with Boone is likely out of Judge's control.

Aaron Judge's public endorsement of Aaron Boone doesn't hold much weight

If superior options are available, why would the Yankees risk running it back for one more year with Boone, who, while he isn't the problem, certainly hasn't made the most of what he's been given. Boone "having his players' backs" is actually part of the problem here.

Boone isn't a disciplinarian. He's a players' manager. He's more "buddy-buddy" with his subjects rather than an enforcer or leader. Sometimes it feels he's just another one of "the guys" in the dugout. Wait, is that why Judge said "he's the guy"?

Boone is either "the guy" because he's the front office's pick or he's "the scapegoat." There's no in between. And it's not like the Yankees would be disrupting much of anything by dismissing him. This team hit its version of rock bottom and Boone's one month with the up-and-coming top prospects won't be a deal breaker with his future.

Judge is doing his job and conducting the expected lip service as captain. We don't doubt that he likes Boone because it seems like all the players do. To a certain extent, Boone has definitely developed positive relationships with the team's most important players.

But that's not enough to hold the most important managerial position in the land. Boone stays or goes with Cashman/Steinbrenner's final decision -- not because of Judge's vote of confidence or opposition.