Aaron Judge calls out Orioles after hit by pitch and sets up Yankees for heated tilt

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

New York Yankees fans nearly lost their minds on Tuesday night when Aaron Judge was plunked by an Albert Suarez fastball in the left hand. He was clearly in pain, but managed to stay in the game ... for another half-inning.

When he was removed right before his at-bat in the bottom of the fourth, that's when the panic started to set in. The Yankees couldn't lose the hottest hitter in the league and keep up their MLB-best pace. It just wasn't realistic.

And then the anger towards the Orioles set in. Even though the Yankees won 4-2 and gained another game on them in the division, this would be unforgivable, especially with how often Baltimore was going up and in on the Yankees' hitters. What gives, man?

Luckily, the tests on Judge came back negative after the game. The X-rays and CT scan were clear and he was elated when delivering the news to the media following the win.

But don't underestimate how angry The Judge can get. He already got ejected for the first time in his career this season. Don't you dare let him get into his first fight or else the rest of MLB will be in big, big trouble.

Aaron Judge calls out Orioles after hit by pitch and sets up Yankees for heated tilt

"Definitely pissed," Judge said after the game, reiterating that it seemed "going up and in" was "part of the Orioles' game." Think that's not going to set a ferocious tone for Wednesday's game with Gerrit Cole making his season debut against the O's?

It's been a while since the Orioles legitimately got under the Yankees' skin, but now that they're battling for the AL East crown as two of the top teams in the league, there's no better time than the present to intensify the division rivalry. This wasn't quite an Armando Benitez incident, but given Judge's dominance and importance to the Yankees, fans were on the verge of rioting if the slugger was forced to miss a long period of time.

How dare you ruin Ben Rice's adorable moment as he made his MLB debut in front of fans at Yankee Stadium. How dare you subject to us a stressful and dramatic postgame after a victory.

Like Judge, Yankees fans were pissed too. And also like Judge, we can't wait for the next two tilts. Expect there to be some tension, which could make for an especially tense battle when the teams meet again right before the All-Star break.