Aaron Boone takes sarcastic dig at Jomboy in Yankees podcast press release

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This season, Aaron Boone is taking his opinions right to the people, opening the manager's office door to the fine folks at Jomboy Media.

Talkin' Yanks with Jomboy and Jake has long been the foundation of opinionated Yankees content, building a remarkably dedicated audience in its early days and eventually serving as the flagship of a burgeoning media empire. This season, the two co-hosts will be joined by Boone weekly to get grilled on decisions, spill on potential moves or call-ups, and share his perspective directly with two of the most plugged-in fans in the game.

Of course, with all those opinions flying around, there's always a good chance things get somewhat emotional, forcing the ever-polished Boone to prove some diehards wrong (or at least try to sell his own perspective on an oncoming disaster).

Boone mentioned as much in his official statement on joining the Talkin' Yanks Yankees Podcast on Thursday afternoon, ending his release by calling the two hosts "a little misguided" sometimes and vowing to "set the record straight every now and then." Very kind shots fired!

Yankees manager Aaron Boone wants to 'set the record straight' on Jomboy Media podcast

First David Cone, then Aaron Boone. Who's next to join the Jomboy family, and why is it Paul O'Neill?

Boone remains a lightning rod for Yankee fans, despite almost unprecedented on-field success in the first five seasons of his managerial career. Last fall, it nearly felt like his time was up, especially based on the way Michael Kay and his radio co-hosts angrily questioned him in their post-2022 wrapup.

Now, Boone has opted to walk from one fire into another by joining the Jomboy crew, who can be quite affable, but aren't afraid to have similarly tough roster and preparation conversations. This show should be a must-listen, and based on his reaction to joining the crew, Boone seems prepared to dish it. Let's see if he can take it in equal footing.