Aaron Boone's trade deadline take will disappoint all Yankees fans

New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees v Los Angeles Dodgers / Harry How/GettyImages

Want the Yankees to get better at the 2023 trade deadline using surplus trade chips? Want them to offload veterans like Gleyber Torres and create a massive splash in the market? Want them to go all-out with their sell job and strip this roster for parts?

No matter how wild your take is, Aaron Boone found a patented way to bum you out on Tuesday morning.

While speaking with Jomboy and Jake on the Talkin' Yanks podcast, Boone addressed his current flawed roster (decimated by injuries and undermanned to begin with) in the context of the upcoming trade deadline. It sounds as if he doesn't expect major reinforcements.

It also sounds like he doesn't expect ... much of anything? "As a baseball fan," Boone is prepared for an underwhelming trade deadline across the board. Considering the game's most enticing seller, the Chicago White Sox, are only a few games out in a dull-beyond-belief AL Central, that makes a ton of sense.

Yankees 2023 MLB Trade Deadline Predictions: Not much!

All it takes is one surprise seller to throw a blowtorch into the entire thing (Brewers? Willy Adames? Corbin Burnes? Eh?). At the moment, though, the tea leaves are all blowing in Boone's direction.

Maybe this is better anyway? Goodness knows when Brian Cashman tries, he ends up offloading the entire Triple-A rotation for Frankie Montas and a few relievers who've already dissolved.

This year -- of all years -- with the Yankees firmly stuck in between contention and bottoming out, expect the typical refrain of, "Look at all these injured guys we got back! It's like having three trade deadlines!" This time, it won't be the biggest letdown in the world. This year's categorically not the year to go all in. The Bombers might strike gold, rip off a 19-10 August and enjoy a scintillating run from the Wild Card series. They are extremely unlikely to win the AL East against a Rays team that does not lose at home. It could just be "one of those years."

At least, in that case, they probably won't have to watch the rich around them get richer, either. "As a baseball fan," boredom might be best for everyone this summer.