9 Yankees players who will not be back in 2024

This is the bare minimum. Seriously.
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Domingo Germán

Germán was a non-tender candidate this offseason, regardless of the way his 2023 campaign ended. But -- and it might be tough to remember now -- there was a moment in July when it seemed like he could be a trade deadline mover.

If the Yankees sold, it wouldn't be too tough to convince a contender to take on the boom-or-bust Germán, who could bomb against the Mariners and allow 10 runs, then shake it off less than a week later and toss a road perfect game. His electric outings weren't accidental. Consistency wasn't his friend, but he always had seven shutout innings -- no matter the opponent -- in his pocket.

Then his saga took another dark turn, after the Yankees had already given him a second chance following his 2019 suspension under the domestic violence policy that left the team an arm short during a doomed postseason run. Some (pointing finger squarely at myself) thought he should never have been brought back in the first place. If the Yankees hadn't extended the olive branch, they never would've had to reckon with the armpit injury that may or may not have been real, or the horrific and terrifying drunken clubhouse escapades that finally knocked Germán onto the restricted list. The league mandated rehab, and we have not heard from him since.

Add the long-forgotten Jimmy Cordero into this bucket, too. The Yankees -- and potentially MLB -- will never employ either player again.