9 Yankees players who will not be back in 2024

This is the bare minimum. Seriously.

Milwaukee Brewers v New York Yankees
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Luke Weaver

Weaver's late 2023 cameo with the Yankees has been fairly impressive. He's done the most important thing a starter can do: sitting next to Gerrit Cole in the dugout. He's jittery on the mound, but he's done a good job escaping jams and minimizing damage. He dominated the Diamondbacks midway through their Wild Card race! That game really mattered to his former team, and he took it from them.

And now, he'll be hitting free agency again after the season.

The Yankees nabbed Weaver because they were shallow in the arms department, and they're no doubt glad he came through with a 3.38 ERA in 13.1 innings across three starts. The narrative, after they signed him, was akin to, "Hey, you never know! Maybe they see something or fix something!" With all due respect, that is impossible to do in just a few weeks. His 6.40 ERA on the season still screams louder than anything.

Maybe the Yankees saw enough in Weaver to find a way to settle on a minor-league pact. But they can't give him a rotation spot on a supposed contender. Ditto a swingman role in next year's bullpen. Yankees roster spots, especially at the start of the season, are too valuable for experimentation.