8 players on Yankees 40-man roster who don't deserve a role in 2024

Very fine people. Shouldn't be Yankees. And the number is larger than you think.
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Albert Abreu, RHP

The Yankees are so addicted to both Albert Abreu and Being Right that they went out of their way to bring the right-hander back last summer after they dealt him away in the Jose Trevino trade. When that occurred, there was plenty of chatter, most of it involving the word "unlocked/unlock/unlocking." Imagine what Abreu -- who'd just been in the Yankees' system for years -- could do in the Yankees' system, typed a bunch of pretentious, never-wrong number crunchers.

Well ... what more do you need to see? Abreu's a 4.50+ ERA guy with tantalizing stuff. He can occasionally enter and convert a save, leaving you surprised and appreciative. He can usually leave his 99 MPH fastballs middle-middle, allowing hard contact for days. He has a 1.47 WHIP, at the moment, and has allowed 10 earned runs and walked 9 in his past 7 outings, totaling 11.1 innings.

Albert Abreu is not a good pitcher. You can harbor him in your system for only so long. The Yankees can do better.