6 Yankees who could be traded after 2023 season demands changes

The Yankees could experience an almost unheard of amount of roster turnover.
New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game Two
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Oswald Peraza

The Yankees still may view Peraza as part of the future of their middle infield, but there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. Much like Pereira, Peraza has been miserable offensively, hitting .191 with a .539 OPS across 191 plate appearances. He struck out in 26% of his at-bats and sported an impossibly awful .081 ISO (read more about that advanced metric).

There's no question Peraza's defensive prowess will lengthen his leash, but the Yankees already have Anthony Volpe at shortstop. Would they consider moving Volpe to second base to accommodate Peraza's superior glove and arm at short? Maybe. But that would mean they'd already be bailing on their long-term plan they were so confident about in spring training.

The more likely option is that Peraza is a starting shortstop somewhere else. But where? Again, smart teams will take note of the Yankees Disease that zaps everybody of their offensive abilities in the Bronx, but rival executives have the upper hand in trade talks. Peraza's first 70 career games have featured a .216 average, .605 OPS and 68 OPS+, and his promising 18-game sample size from 2022 now looks flukey.

Peraza hasn't tanked his trade value and is still just 23 years old. Somebody out there would gladly take him in a larger package, similar to a Pereira situation, if the Yankees cast a wide net. Cashman did well not trading him for Frankie Montas, but now that Volpe is Plan A, perhaps Peraza's out the door for any viable MLB-ready talent that can help the Yanks in 2024.