5 trade targets the New York Yankees should obviously pursue this summer

Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
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Alexis Diaz

Imagine having both of the Diaz brothers in New York? Nobody's entrance is as fun as Edwin Diaz's, but maybe if his brother joined the Yankees, the team would try to one-up their crosstown foes and do something viral with him as well.

Diaz is currently set to be the closer for the Cincinnati Reds this year, and the Yankees have made moves with the Reds for a closer before. Aroldis Chapman was throwing gas in Cincinnati, striking-out everyone in sight, but the team moved on from him and maybe they could do the same with Diaz since they're once again miles out of contention.

The right-handed reliever only has one year of MLB experience under his belt thus far, but he's set up for a spectacular sophomore season.

It won't be cheap to acquire him if he pitches like he did in 2022, but the Yankees can use a closer or setup man to stablize the back end of their bullpen. Who knows if the Reds would be even willing to move on from him, but as a rebuilding franchise, trading Diaz could help fill the prospect cupboard.