5 trade targets the New York Yankees should obviously pursue this summer

Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
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Cedric Mullins

The Yankees may have their starting center fielder in Harrison Bader, but his recent Spring Training injury could make the Yankees eager to make a move.

Even if Bader comes back healthy, the Yankees need to upgrade the left field position, as Aaron Hicks is on a short leash. Mullins, who finished ninth in AL MVP voting in 2021, could be a great replacement for Hicks or Bader, depending on how Aaron Boone wants his outfield to look.

In 2021, Mullins showed some pop with 31 home runs, but only had 59 RBI, thanks to his terrible team (and the fact he hit leadoff). He was easily the best player on the Baltimore Orioles that season and his great play didn't get rewarded statistically since the rest of the lineup was a black hole.

Baltimore is trending in the right direction, but they didn't make any significant moves in free agency or via trade to supplement their wave of young talent heading into 2023. Although they may hate to trade with a division rival, New York could offer the best prospect package in return (and they made a blockbuster deal for Zack Britton just a few years ago).