5 players who were on the Yankees this year that you probably forgot about

This year's roster was positively full of memorable randos.
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Ryan Weber, RHP

Wait, that was *this* season? You're damn right it was!

Weber, aka The WebDog, appeared on both the 2022 and 2023 Yankees, though we'd forgive you if the only portion of his career you committed to memory was his oddly dominant stretch as last year's long man.

The '22 Yankees really seemed destined for greatness when Weber and his mid-80s fastball was nipping corners to the tune of an 0.84 ERA in five outings/10.2 innings. When he was a Red Sox righty, his success used to baffle us. Needless to say, it felt better watching the weirdness go down in pinstripes.

Would you believe ... he threw even more innings for the 2023 Yanks? It's true! Weber posted a 3.14 ERA in 14.1 innings, and even recorded an extra-inning save in Cincinnati, the final game in which Anthony Rizzo homered for a very long time (a 45-game drought over two months while his vision was blurred, of course). Weber struck out 10 men and walked just two in two seasons with the Bombers. He probably would've survived a while longer in the 'pen, too, but came down with a dreaded forearm issue before the worm could turn. He was placed on the 60-Day IL and spent the summer trying to avoid Tommy John surgery. Rarely does that ever work.