5 most disappointing Yankees since Aaron Judge suffered toe injury

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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Everyone knew life would be rough for the New York Yankees once Aaron Judge injured his toe, but with a bit of a lighter schedule and a six-game homestand on the horizon, it was at least assumed things wouldn't start to come crashing down just yet.

Yeah, those assumptions might've been from fans who don't eat, sleep and breathe the Yankees. New York fans know very well how this all works, and once a piece of Brian Cashman's wobbly Jenga tower gets removed, the entire thing collapses without anybody else even making their next move.

Though the Yankees have gotten good pitching performances over the last six games, the offense hasn't provided enough support (the lineup sans Judge has averaged three runs per game without him). And when you need a lights out start from Gerrit Cole, you know you're not getting that. You're going to get a home run from Rafael Devers and just enough of a "quality" start to lose when you need him to be perfect.

The point is, nothing really clicks when a player of Judge's significance exits the picture. Willie Calhoun, Jake Bauers and Billy McKinney will rake, and the core guys expected to pick Judge up in his absence disappear.

We really wish it weren't this way. We really wish we weren't giving this any more attention than it deserves. But this could be the beginning of a concerning spiral because it's not necessarily getting any easier from this point forward. And these guys really need to figure it out since the Yankees don't know how long Judge will be out.

5 most disappointing Yankees since Aaron Judge suffered toe injury

*Honorable mentions are Josh Donaldson and Giancarlo Stanton. But since Stanton just returned from a lengthy IL stint and nobody expects anything out of Donaldson, they've been omitted.*

Gleyber Torres

Congrats, Gleyber! You've now entered "polarizing" Yankee territory because some folks think you should be left alone for your offensive contributions to the team, while others think you should be crucified for your defensive sins.

Truth is, if you think Torres is untouchable because of his .760 OPS and 114 OPS+, then you're not watching closely enough! At least twice per week, Torres does something absolutely unforgivable on the defensive side of the ball to cost the Yankees dearly, essentially canceling out his offensive performance. And even so, since last Sunday night he's 4-for-24. His solo shot against the Sox in Saturday's win was negated by his error this past Sunday night.

Last week, his egregious error in the ninth inning with New York clinging to a 3-0 lead against the White Sox erased a double play and could've put Clay Holmes in danger facing the heart of Chicago's order. Thankfully he got out of it. Then, his failure to properly field a throw from the outfield on Sunday Night Baseball put the tying run in scoring position in the eighth inning. Spoiler alert! The run scored and the Yankees lost in extras.

This is Torres' sixth MLB season. His lack of awareness is unacceptable. Don't know how else to put it.