5 bold predictions for the Yankees heading into an all-important 2024 season

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Gleyber Torres' arbitration gets ugly, but he finishes 2024 with Yankees

Gleyber Torres and the Yankees will submit their arbitration filings on Friday, and the evaluators believe the Yankees' second baseman is due for a $5.5 million raise. Though the Yankees beefed up their lineup with Soto and Co. in a "go for it" year instead of taking a step back, we still don't think they're going to take that figure from Torres lying down.

It's in everyone's best interest for the Yankees to act like a multi-billion dollar organization here and kindly pay Torres one last time before letting him walk in the offseason, but Dellin Betances and Aaron Judge will tell you they don't often do that in this needlessly combative process.

The Yankees aren't foolish enough to think they can cut bait on Torres now and replicate his production at second base, but they might just aggravate him one more time off the field before he goes -- which, as we know, can affect his production significantly.