4 Yankees players taking the most advantage of 2024 spring training

Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees
Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Spencer Jones

Jones' spring with the Yankees is likely over; the next time fans in Tampa can see him on the field will probably be in MLB's Spring Breakout showcase for top prospects.

But, after an offseason where he was given two somewhat conflicting goals -- cut down on strikeouts and work on lifting the ball, which typically results in additional Ks -- Jones did the best he possibly could to put his work on display in camp.

After posting a 28.9% whiff rate last year between High-A and Double-A, he went 7-for-15 with a 470-foot homer in his first at-bat of camp. Perhaps more impressively, he didn't swing and miss a single time before his eventual demotion.

While he didn't stick around past early March, and nobody with grounded ambitions is currently clamoring for him to break camp with the team the way they advocated for Jasson Dominguez last season, the 6'7" Jones got the most pivotal year of his career so far off to an eye-opening start, making mammoth adjustments look almost too easy.