4 Yankees in contract year whose motivations could lift 2024 roster

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox - Game One
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Gleyber Torres

Have you heard? Gleyber Torres is entering his final year of team control. We should probably talk more about this. How did we not see this coming!?

Just joshin', of course. Torres' Yankees tenure has been a polarizing one, and his 2023 rebound has set himself up for a promising 2024, which would then get the 27-year-old PAID and/or increase his chances of remaining a Yankee for life (which is a desire of his).

But the Yankees don't feel the need to jump the gun by any means. Torres' 2018 and 2019 were the stuff of legends, but he's never come close to replicating those 2019 numbers and just managed to match his 2018 production this past season. His defensive and baserunning lapses have also left a lot to be desired. His lack of consistency and mental shortcomings do not warrant a guaranteed life after 2024 in pinstripes.

So it'll be up to the Venezuelan slugger to rewrite his story. Torres is an incredibly important piece to the Yankees' puzzle. Much like Luis Severino last season, the Yankees need Torres and Torres needs the Yankees in this contract year.

Everything's set up for the veteran second baseman to quiet the criticisms and increase his value at the perfect time. If he can concentrate and execute, the Yankees' lineup will be as close to unstoppable as it can possibly be, and Torres will be on his way to cashing out or getting his extension in the Bronx.