4 veteran free agents Yankees should sign to build deeper bench

Because making a bench out of "rejected starters" isn't going to cut it.
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Mike Moustakas, 3B

Moustakas, somehow just about the same age as Andrus (where does the time go?), has remained a valued clubhouse presence after losing his fastball around the time he turned 30.

Moose experienced an offensive resurgence this season in Colorado (who hasn't?), posting a .795 OPS before finding himself involved in Part 1 of Anaheim's strange midseason mass restructuring (that, uh, failed).

It remains somewhat surprising that the Angels didn't include Moustakas in their Waiver Wire Frenzy a few weeks back, considering his intangible value (and precious little relevance down the stretch in Anaheim). Though his elite skills have receded, he's still a solid power bat, as well as a left-hander who's long been connected to the Yankees.

It would be so New York to add Moustakas at the age of 35 instead of during his All-Star prime, but he's the exact kind of guy who should be fleshing out the Yankees' bench and backing up DJ LeMahieu rather than someone "unlockable." His cost? Under $1 million, likely, considering he's playing 2023 at $720K. Moustakas isn't quite Tim Raines, but the '90s Yankees used to flesh out their roster with Hall of Famers and experienced champions. Oswaldo Cabrera won't quite cut it, if they have serious intentions of competing. Moose is a start, as well as a long overdue addition in the Bronx.