4 under-the-radar trade candidates Yankees should pursue this offseason

Chicago White Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks
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Christopher Morel, Chicago Cubs

Morel, who resides on the other side of Chicago, feels like a budding terror in Robert's mold. Last season's most electric Cubs moments all seemed to fall on his shoulders, as the breakout slugger served as a jolt of walk-off energy on several occasions, circling the bases with glee.

Unfortunately for the Cubbies, he doesn't 100% have a position at the moment, and is being treated as an OF/DH until his trade market develops. If the Yankees operate under the assumption that Giancarlo Stanton will be injured again -- and Brian Cashman certainly seems keen on doing so! -- there will be plenty of available reps for Morel, either in left field early in the campaign or at the DH position when Stanton's season is put on pause.

Ultimately, Morel was worth only 1.2 bWAR last season, though he provided more intangibles than that along the way. His 26 homers would've ranked second on the 2023 Yankees, and he only logged 388 at-bats before potentially playing his way out of town, depending on how booming the Cubs' vaunted offseason goes.

If the Yankees watch Chicago beat them to the punch on Juan Soto and settle for Morel, that would be a bleak outcome. But there's no reason both men can't be Bombers. Seriously. Watch Morel's 2023 highlights and his reactions. It looks like he's playing an entirely different sport than whatever last year's Yankees were attempting.