4 replacements for Aaron Boone as Yankees manager if predicted firing occurs

It feels like the hook is actually coming for Boone this time.

New York Yankees v Miami Marlins
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Troy Snitker

Perhaps the most likely managerial hire in 2023-24's field, Houston Astros hitting coach Troy Snitker possesses every trait modern teams prize.

On-field success? Clearly; as the hitting coach of the relentlessly successful 2022 World Series champions (he's been on staff from 2019-present), his bonafides are easily Google-able. Legacy? His father, Brian Snitker, is the remarkably successful old-school-meets-modernity manager of the Atlanta Braves, the current model organization. Youth? Snitker's just 34 years old, which would've been unprecedented in the era where everyone was expected to "wait in line," but completely acceptable (and encouraged) now.

Snitker has both successful ties and pedigree of his own. It's hard to tell from the outside looking in what exactly a hitting coach is responsible for, and what you can ascribe to the Astros' talent. To paraphrase Don Draper, though, that's what the interview process is for, and the younger Snitker is at least worth a look.