4 players the Yankees should sell and 3 they should keep at trade deadline

With the trade deadline approaching, the New York Yankees should retool their roster.
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Gleyber Torres

Throughout his career, Gleyber Torres has been a controversial subject as it pertains to his polarizing play. After a stellar first two seasons in the majors, Torres moved to shortstop full-time for two seasons and couldn’t play defense or hit like he had in the past. In 2022, Torres moved back to second base where he’s played solid defense, and his bat has picked back up (112 wRC+).

While teams around the league, most notably the Miami Marlins, have expressed interest in Torres, it’s in the Yankees' best interest to keep him in the Bronx. Trading their 26-year-old middle infielder, who projections believe will play even better down the stretch, doesn’t seem like a good idea for the Yankees this season or in 2024.

Verdict: Keep

Harrison Bader

Harrison Bader has had his moments as a Yankee, but at the end of the day, he struggles to stay healthy, doesn’t have a high offensive ceiling, and is a free agent after the season. Although Bader doesn’t provide much offensively, he hits for a high enough average and has enough power to be an above average offensive contributor when everything goes his way. Additionally, Bader plays a great center field, something that should attract many teams.

While trading Bader complicates things defensively, it’s the right thing to do if the Yankees don’t think they’re going to extend him – which would be a risky investment considering his injury history. If Bader can net the Yankees an intriguing prospect or two, it should be something they pursue instead of giving him a contract they might regret in a few years (or let him walk for nothing).

Verdict: Trade

Potential fits: Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Guardians, Philadelphia Phillies