4 offseason decisions the Yankees are paying for right now

New York's season could've been a whole lot easier.
Aaron Judge Press Conference
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Failing to Add a Left Fielder

Hand up, we didn't think this was a big deal because it seemed the rest of the lineup could make do if the Yankees had to shove Aaron Hicks out there for the first half. And guess what? That actually happened up until the Yankees decided to release him.

Fans undoubtedly endorsed the release, but rightfully questioned the timing of it because Hicks was finally starting to heat up. Either way, after not having a starting left fielder to begin the year, they lost another outfielder with this move, and have since had guys like Jake Bauers, IKF and Oswaldo Cabrera playing out of position to help fill the void. Not ideal, and it's certainly played a role during June's malaise.

Admittedly, there weren't many options, but that's where a good general manager comes in -- they find what the average fan can't detect. The Angels traded for Hunter Renfroe. The D-Backs and Mariners worked out deals for Lourdes Gurriel Jr. and Teoscar Hernandez. The Red Sox signed Masataka Yoshida and Adam Duvall. The Cubs signed Cody Bellinger. Everyone else seemed to have figured it out!

Not the Yankees, though. While the team didn't need an All-Star patrolling left field, they needed somebody competent. They knew Hicks wasn't the guy. They rightfully passed on Andrew Benintendi. They willingly created a roster hole and ignorantly assumed it would work itself out, despite the fact injuries plague the roster each and every year dating back to 2018.

The Yankees didn't read the room. Again. And they've already paid dearly for all of these decisions after just three months. The sick part is that this could all get much, much worse.

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