4 former Yankees fan favorites still without a job heading toward Spring Training

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game One
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Rougned Odor, IF

The nadir of the Yankees, according to many, was the acquisition of Rougned Odor, a net negative offensive player who occasionally hit massive dingers and provided "fire," the exact type of thing statisticians hate because it can't be quantified.

That's why other fans will tell you that importing Rougie was one of the best moves of an otherwise dead 2021 season. He occasionally popped bombs. He hit the ball hard when he hit it at all. He was a lefty (naturally). He was a weirdo. Sometimes, he'd show up in odd places, like on the pitchers' mound every single time a visit was needed. The value of having Odor on your roster can't be calculated. Modern medical science advises against taking two of Odor, though, resulting in one-year stints in New York, Baltimore and San Diego the past three seasons.

No one has been able to get Odor's stink off fully in a while; the pep-filled nugget posted OPS marks of .665, .632, and .654 the last three years. Even when he was passing 30 blasts regularly in Texas in his early 20s, he walked so rarely that his OPS+ marks were 107 and 105. Doctors hate this infielder's one weird trick!

It's not stunning he remains unsigned. It's much more shocking he's only 30 years old in February. Some team will sign Odor, and will likely make the playoffs. Don't say we didn't warn you.