4 blowup trades Yankees must consider if Aaron Judge is ruled out for 2023

The longer Aaron Judge is out, the more the New York Yankees are exposed. Changes must be on the way.

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees
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Say Goodbye to Luis Severino and Domingo Germán

Doesn't matter what you get in return. If the Wild Card race starts looking like a longshot, the name of the game is to clean house of as many guys who don't have a future or don't consistently contribute positively.

This is bad "timing" because of Domingo Germán's perfect game against the A's, but before that, he put up two of the worst outings from a starter all season (5.1 total innings and 17 runs against the Mariners and Red Sox). But is the perfecto a sign of good things to come or an indicator that the Yankees can possibly get more value than they expected for the right-hander?

Germán has just one year of club control left and he was really only a featured member of this rotation because of early-season injuries. He should be sent off if things continue to get worse.

And that brings us to Severino, who should've been gone a long time ago. He hasn't contributed positively in a consistent manner since 2018. He's failed to stay healthy for five seasons. He's failed to seize the moment when he's had the opportunity over that span. The Yankees gambled by picking up his $15 million team option, and they're once again paying for it.

A team down on their luck with pitching would probably be able and willing to take Sevy off the Yankees' hands over the next few weeks. Maybe they see a tweak they can make, get positive results, and convince him to re-sign. It'd be a worthwhile risk to take.

His tenure in New York was always ending after 2023. What's the harm in getting a head start? He's been dreadful since the beginning of June. He's issued 14 walks and surrendered nine home runs in his last 28.2 innings. There's no "fixing" this for New York over the final three months.