30 biggest free agent contracts in New York Yankees history

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10. Jason Giambi: Seven Years, $120 Million

Giambi's Yankees tenure is widely remembered as disappointing, but ... why? He did exactly what he was asked -- and, like Mussina, somehow deftly avoiding winning rings here.

Still, you want incredible regular seasons? Giambi hit 41 bombs, knocked in 122 runs, and finished fifth in the MVP voting his first year in the Bronx in 2002. The next year? 41 blasts again, alongside a league-leading 129 walks.

His 2004 season was marred by a strange parasitic infection, and he got injured in 2007, too, when his career was closer to the end. But 2005-06 were two more classic Giambi seasons (led the league in OBP in '05, socked 32 and 37 bombs). He also hit in October, smashing three homers (two in Game 7 off Pedro) against the Red Sox in the 2003 ALCS, then hit .421 in New York's ALDS failure in 2005.

Good Yankee. Would be more appreciated in the modern era, which sounds insane to say about someone who played in New York from 2002-2008. His strikeouts would be shrugged at these days, though.