3 Yankees who should be on trade block entering spring training

Nope. Not Gleyber Torres.
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Everson Pereira

If the Yankees are making Jones untouchable, they should probably be amenable to moving the second-place finisher in exit velocity among Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects.

That would be Everson Pereira, who didn't impress in his first big-league stint last summer and brought more swing-and-miss to the table than high-impact contact, but remains highly thought of among the game's experts.

Obviously -- obviously -- having outfield depth for the first time in years isn't a great reason, in a vacuum, to start trading away outfield depth. For the Yankees specifically, though, the intention is to carry Aaron Judge, Jasson Dominguez, Spencer Jones and Juan Soto for quite a while, with Giancarlo Stanton remaining in the DH/OF rotation out of compunction (for now).

If Pereira was the final minor-league name worth watching, it wouldn't feel like the Yankees were in a strong enough position to deal him, especially with lingering Soto uncertainty and Dominguez's Tommy John rehab. But there's plenty of tantalizing talent beyond Pereira, too. Names like Brando Mayea (already a consensus top-10 prospect) and John Cruz lurk at the lower levels of the minors.

While Pereira remains the apple of BA's eye, FanGraphs has already bumped him down to the No. 17 spot on their Top 36 Yankees Prospects list entering 2024. It appears to be high time for the Yankees to preempt this negative momentum and conflicting opinions by making Pereira the centerpiece of a deal for, say, Shane Bieber.