3 Yankees who have worn out their welcome in the Bronx

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Aaron Boone

I bet you didn't see Boone making this list, but it makes a ton of sense, right? Boone has been on the hot seat (from a fan's perspective) for the past few years and it's shocking to see that he's still the manager of this team right now.

During the postseason last fall, the fanbase was screaming for Boone's head, as he continued to make terrible decisions with the bullpen. The most notable decision was keeping Wandy Peralta in Game 3 of the ALDS for too long and then not going to Clay Holmes, who's arm was apparently fine. That decision cost the team that game and almost the series, as they just squeaked by the Cleveland Guardians in five games.

Even after another postseason loss, the Yankees were quick to say that Boone will manage the 2023 season, but if the team falters again, it feels like he could be the scapegoat despite signing a contract extension prior to last year. Boone will always be remembered for his heroic home run in Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS against the Boston Red Sox, but with every year he manages, we start to forget about that iconic play a little more.

It's unclear what Boone's status is should the Yankees fall short in embarrassing fashion yet again, but the fans very much pressured the Yankees into momentous decisions this offseason to improve the roster. Who says that can't happen again with Boone?