3 Yankees who have worn out their welcome in the Bronx

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Luis Severino

Not only is the fanbase getting upset with Severino, but he's starting to feel the same way. After his start on March 10, he told the media the following:

"My slider sucks, that’s what they’re telling me right now....I need to work more on my slider. It’s not the movement, it’s just location actually."

Greg Joyce, New York Post

When he's played, Severino has been good, but it's been five seasons since he's been completely healthy. The two-time All-Star started 19 games last year, which was great, but he hasn't pitched a full season since 2018, which has drastically affected the Yankees' championship window.

When he's on, he can be one of the best pitchers in the league, but he's only delivered a small sample size of being fully healthy. Severino is still only 29 years old and has one year left on his contract, so the Yankees have continued to stay paitent with him (though solely because of his potential and nothing more). The 2023 season is going to be a huge indicator of how the rest of his career goes.

If he gets injured again and can't start a full campaign, then his options will be limited as a free agent next year. However, if he can perform at a high level and be the Yankees No. 2 or 3 starter, then plenty of teams will be lining up for his services.

Regardless of how he performs this year, it feels like the fanbase is ready to move on. His talent is exceptional, but the injuries and other issues have been way too frustrating.