3 Yankees who could sneak onto Opening Day roster after recent injuries

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Jimmy Cordero, RHP

Shoutout to surprise offseason addition Ian Hamilton, too, who's been ruthlessly efficient in dismissing batters at the pitch clock's behest, but Jimmy Cordero likely has an advantage over him in leaping onto the Opening Day roster.

The Yankees have been patient with Cordero, allowing him to rehab from Tommy John surgery on their dime and extending him a 40-man spot this winter after plenty of waiting around. That might be the difference this offseason, as the 31-year-old Cordero won't require a secondary maneuver to be added to the bullpen.

Greg Weissert is also likely to be considered for the final bullpen spot, but his spring hasn't gone quite as well as Cordero's. He's allowed (gasp) an earned run across three outings!

Yeah, we're splitting hairs here, but that's how dominant Cordero's been. Known mainly for the potentially apocryphal story about how he once hit 104 MPH as a Phillies minor-leaguer, the right-hander with the power sinker (that's Matt Blake's music!) has allowed a single hit in three shutout innings this spring while touching the upper 90s. His highest pitch count in an inning? 12. Overall, he's sitting at 30 pitches through three frames.

No decision will be made solely based on Spring Training dominance, something Aaron Boone has made perfectly clear while discussing the left field and shortstop races. The team's patience with Cordero hints he's had their eye for quite a while, though, and a strong spring is only reinforcing the Yankees' old notions.