3 Yankees prospects who should not be traded and 2 who should

Which top prospects should the Yankees hang onto in 2023?
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Yankees Prospects Who Should Not Be Traded: Spencer Jones

While Dominguez probably has the flashiest tools of any Yankees prospect, Jones is a close second (and, honestly, opinions might be split here). This argument is simple. Even if he's not the right fielder/center fielder of the future ... even if he's not the superstar the Yankees seem to have stumbled upon ... even if he isn't Aaron Judge 2.0 ... he could be all of those things. He's shown enough spark not to be traded in Year 2. Outside of the sudden emergence of Nolan Arenado on the market, this shouldn't even be flirted with.

Sure, no prospect is untouchable. But for the Yankees in their current state, approaching this trade market, there's no reason to let someone reap the rewards of the impressive developmental work they've already done on unlocking Jones, a project they're uniquely tailored to finish off with Judge already in the organization.

Saying "Spencer Jones is Judge" sounds insane, just because they're both 6'7". But Spencer Jones can fairly obviously learn from both Judge, one of very few major leaguers in history who looks like him, as well as a Yankees instructional staff that graduated, tweaked, and improved upon Judge. Trading a 22-year-old hitting .284 with an .861 OPS at High-A and remarkable athleticism seems foolish, strikeout problem notwithstanding. There's no one on the market worth including Jones as a throw-in for.