3 Yankees playing for their jobs heading into the 2023 season

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Just because you're in the New York Yankees starting lineup this season doesn't mean your job is safe for 2024 ... or even the entirety of 2023!

The Yankees roster hasn't had too much turnover over the past few years, but it's never going to stay the same year over year. Whether you have one year or 10 years left on your contract, nobody is excused if the play isn't up to par.

Every player goes through ups and downs and some are given longer leashes than others. If you're a former All-Star, you may be given a few years to get out of your funk, compared to a minor-league veteran or fringe prospect who may only be given a few weeks or months. Professional sports is a harsh business, especially in New York.

In recent years, however, the Yankees have taken especially longer to pull the plug on some failed experiments, and we're not sure why. Nonetheless, some of these issues have come to a head in the Bronx and could be resolved sooner rather than later.

3 Yankees playing for their jobs heading into the 2023 season

Aaron Hicks

Hicks won't be a free agent until after the 2025 season, but this could be the last one in New York for the 33-year-old. After being benched a few times in 2022, it kind of felt like he wouldn't return despite his onerous contract, but he's back once again and will almost certainly be the team's starting left fielder to begin 2023.

If you surveyed 100 Yankees fans, Hicks would probably be their least favorite player at the moment, right? Based on his costly errors and inability to create any offense over the past four years, fans are fed up, and management should be too.

Despite being the black sheep right now, Hicks can redeem himself with a rebound season. With the elimination of the shift, maybe he can turn back to the player who hit 27 HR and 79 RBI in 2018? Or maybe that was a miracle season that he'll never replicate again? Maybe he can produce a decent portion of that output?

Who knows, but I'd bet that he's not even the starting left fielder by the trade deadline and he's benched for a replacement less than halfway through the season. Hicks is fighting for his job every day, so don't be shocked if he's no longer a Yankee in 2024.