3 Yankees players who may have lost their roster spots this offseason

These Yankees survived the Winter Meetings, but the journey's not over.
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Oscar González

Last one in, first one out, huh?

González scuffled through 2023, but is only one year removed from walking off both the Rays (moonshot homer) and Yankees (gutting single) in the 2022 postseason. The 6'4" righty is a bat-first outfield prospect who ... wait, he's already 25? And he's right-handed? We're all for adding projectable bats, especially those with recent pedigree, but why would he get a shot over Florial? His defensive profile is clunky and his offense disappeared at the big-league level last season (.214 average, a stunning .239 OBP).

There's every reason to take a chance on a González bounce back, especially considering how quickly the team's outfield depth was siphoned off last year. Having a proven postseason bat at Triple-A waiting in the wings -- where, to be fair, he did hit well last year (.287/.819 OPS) -- is a wise move.

It was a wiser one before the Yankees imported Soto, Grisham and Verdugo, though. The team can't have too much attachment to González, at this point, and his profile is easier to replace than, say, Krook's. There's no guarantee he makes it to Opening Day in the system. Who knows? Somebody tempting like Franchy Cordero could hit the open market at any time!