3 Yankees facing final chance to remain with team moving forward

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Deivi Garcia

This is probably the most obvious case of "produce or go home." Deivi Garcia, once upon a time, was a promising rookie in the shortened 2020 season. Then he was unpitchable in 2021 (6.85 ERA and 1.88 WHIP in 24 Triple-A games). And he somehow got even worse in 2022 (6.89 ERA and 1.45 WHIP between Triple-A and Double-A ... yes, he was demoted in the minor leagues).

We're actually unsure why he's even still here, let alone occupying a valuable 40-man roster spot. You don't see many pitchers maintaining a near-7.00 ERA in the upper levels of the minors and still hanging around.

Time is on nobody's side here, either. The Yankees need pitching help in the form of actual assets and depth. Garcia is neither. Garcia is entering his age-24 season and could very well need a change of scenery. Whatever has happened, the fact that it's worsened over the course of two years indicates it might be unfixable here.

Ever since his solid six-start stint in 2020, Garcia has only seen two MLB games (and was bad in those too). He's probably the easiest 40-man roster boot in the event there's not a major (actually, beyond major!) improvement in his game. Once a top-three prospect, Garcia is barely hanging on by a thread despite being given a longer leash than many expected.