3 way-too-early extensions Yankees should consider before 2024 season

We weigh the pros and cons and deliver a verdict. You want to be like the Braves, though, right?
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Jasson Dominguez, OF

If Dominguez had finished the month of September healthy, I think the Yankees legitimately could've considered this, and the slugger's camp might've been attentive.

As it stands, extending him at the figure the team would be comfortable with during Dominguez's upcoming lengthy Tommy John rehab would likely make zero sense for the player, rendering this conversation a non-starter.

Ironically, the agent who facilitated Carroll's early extension also represents Dominguez, and if the Yankees wanted to flex their financial muscles by offering a fully healthy 20-year-old Martian a ~$120 million deal through 2032, he would've had the perfect representation for getting it to the finish line.

Sadly, while his lengthy rehab process is unlikely to affect his long-term future, it just doesn't feel like Yankees-style business to plop $100+ million in guarantees in front of a player with a UCL tear (as well as, let's face it, a player who was sliding down prospect rankings before his boffo debut).

Dominguez will have plenty more runway to prove himself essential moving forward once he returns midway through 2023, and if he looks similarly excellent, the Yankees have to, have to, have to make a contract proposal during the following offseason. It shouldn't cost them much more than it would now, and any additional cost is simply the cost of doing business in MLB in 2023 and beyond.

VERDICT: 1,000% Yes ... after 2024.