3 unexpected 2023 MLB trade deadline options for Yankees

Milwaukee Brewers v Cincinnati Reds
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Nick Senzel, Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are going to have to trade someone to make room for Elly De La Cruz, and we'll speak more about them in a second. The most likely to go seems to be former 2016 second overall pick Nick Senzel.

While Jonathan India might be moving back to third to accommodate De La Cruz, Senzel's already moved from third to the outfield to help clear up a logjam. There's nowhere else to move him but another team.

The righty-hitting Senzel isn't a power bat (hasn't hit more than 12 homers in a season, and hasn't reached half of that total since his rookie year). Instead, he's a versatile defender with the athleticism the Yankees covet and -- more importantly -- he's an "I can fix him" candidate in Cashman's traditional mold. The Yankees love salvaging former top prospects with pedigree, and Senzel came out of college with an elite hit tool. He's about to turn 28, and anyone who deals for him gets him for 2.5 seasons.

Don't be surprised if the Yankees make a play for Senzel and his 0.7 bWAR (meaning he'd be worth an extra win to the Yanks, already, over Oswaldo Cabrera and his -0.6 mark). Or, if you really want to get crazy, how about another top prospect in Angels outfielder Jo Adell? The 24-year-old über prospect hasn't managed to crack LAA's outfield, but he's got 18 homers and a .960 OPS at Triple-A. That's in Cashman's wheelhouse, too.

Want to get grittier rather than take a chance on projected talent? There's another Reds outfielder who might be a nice fit.