3 teams Yankees can flip Alex Verdugo to after shocking trade

If the Yankees want to continue wheeling and dealing, this is an easy one.
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Want to get to the bottom of the supposed chemistry issues the Yankees just imported by acquiring Alex Verdugo from the Boston Red Sox? Eh, it feels easier to just flip him before he ever shows up. Clean hands.

In the cool light of day Wednesday morning, MLB insider Jon Morosi claimed that the Yankees plan to keep Verdugo ... "in the near-term," at least. Presumably, that meant the San Diego Padres were disinterested in his services, but as the offseason creeps forward, somebody else just might be. Or someone at the trade deadline, if Jasson Dominguez's recovery progresses well.

If this feels like it's being written with the type of clear undertone that could only come from someone who has no interest in Verdugo, you'd be right on the money there, Jack. The Yankees are stuck with their .600 OPS-with-RISP-since-2022 clubhouse disaster for now, but that doesn't mean we can't fantasize about alternate locations that could pop up as the year goes on.

As Aaron Boone told The Athletic's Chris Kirschner on Wednesday:

"Yeah. We're in December. We've been around this game long enough that you never say anything isn't possible, but I am expecting (we keep him)."

Aaron Boone

3 teams Yankees can trade ex-Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo to

...otherwise known as the teams that cleared the deck before not making a big move at the Winter Meetings, otherwise known as "The Non-Splash Brothers."

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants cleared the deck for Shohei Ohtani, but still seem to be outside his top two destinations, despite the slugger following Logan Webb on Instagram. They have an overload of outfielders at the moment, all of whom would be more appealing in New York than Verdugo and his embedded arrogance.

This would be an odd swap. Verdugo is probably a stronger performer than Mike Yastrzemski at this moment in time, but would the Giants take on Verdugo's money plus a pitching prospect (Luis Gil?) in exchange for Yaz 2.0? Would they saddle the Yankees with Michael Conforto's considerable cash in a Verdugo swap?

The ex-Red Sox made significant defensive strides last season and earned a finalist spot in the Gold Glove race. He'd look nice roaming the cavernous outfield of Oracle Park, as well as peppering the gaps with his patented liners. McCovey Cove is tough for left-handers to reach, but if the Yankees keep the Giants' outfield logjam stable while offering some sweeteners, this could be an (odd) fit for a team that needs action. Maybe at the deadline.