3 realistic pivots Yankees can make after losing Yoshinobu Yamamoto to Dodgers

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Shane Bieber Trade

Like it or not, this is a far more realistic play than Cease or Burnes. Bieber's value dropped in 2023. His prospect cost is as low as it's ever been. According to the metrics, he was still elite at inducing ground balls and limiting walks last season, but all of his pitches were roughly average. Perhaps it's time for him to spend his walk year in Matt Blake's lab before entering free agency next winter?

A Bieber deal will cost less than even the Alex Verdugo swap; the Yankees can probably make this happen without surrendering a single top-10 prospect. What about a package highlighted by lefty Kyle Carr and some sneaky pop in Tyler Hardman and Jared Serna? Cleveland would prefer to receive a powerful outfield bat, something they've lacked for a decade, but Everson Pereira likely won't be involved ... unless ... they want to make things crazy and talk about Emmanuel Clase?

Nope, come on. "Realistic" pivot. Emphasis on the realism. No adding top-tier bullpen arms, no spinning things off into monstrous packages. Bieber is the lowest-lift option still on the table. He's one year removed from providing 200 innings of 2.87 FIP ball as a 27-year-old. Even his regressive season looks like Masahiro Tanaka in his prime. The Yankees' staff still maintains plenty of familiarity with him. If they pass, you'll know he's truly on a downward trajectory.

Bieber in exchange for a Burnes package in a desperation move at the deadline? Scary. Bieber at a discount in the shadows? Sold.